Writing online is underrated

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I will be giving a talk online in a few weeks on one of my favourite topics: writing!

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Writing online is still quite underrated—think about how many students graduate from their bootcamps/courses/universities with great portfolio projects, but no writeup. Generally, students are advised to have a number of projects in their portfolio to be more competitive job market candiates.

But I almost never see advice about writing an accompanying piece and posting it somewhere online.

This “last mile” of technical projects is often neglected. But it’s a pity, since no one wants to trawl through a Git repo to figure out your tech stack, data sources, models, algorithms, etc. And perhaps most critically, repos can’t convey what trade-offs were made, why you made certain tweaks to the model, and why you chose this data orchestrator over another. Writing about your data project helps verify that you truly understand the underlying ideas and have domain knowledge expertise.

I think a lot of folks also neglect this as they overcomplicate the process and become perfectionistic about any writing they produce. But it’s really quite easy, and it’s how early career grads and new entrants to tech can pull professional credibility out of thin air.

On November 8th 2023, I will discuss these:

  1. Understand how “existing online” still remains a massively underrated career asset—and you only need 1 article to start
  2. Learn how to write a strong portfolio piece that signals your technical skills and ability to communicate
  3. Confidently use your published work in your job search to network more effectively, both online and offline

I first gave this talk as to my bootcamp after I landed my first tech job. That was 2021, but a lot of the content hasn’t changed because the fundamental points remain the same. Just write—and put it somewhere online.

Hosted in partnership with Brave, and open to the public, link to sign up here: https://community.bravecareer.io/c/events-calendar/how-to-write-your-way-into-a-data-job