Technical Writing

I have experience in technical writing and working with cross-functional teams to create high-quality blog posts and well-researched longform pieces. I have also conducted engaging technical interviews with data scientists and their teams at organisations such as the Rockefeller Foundation, World Bank, German Ministry of Health, UNICEF, City of London AI Lab, and AI Sweden.

My articles frequently rank highly on Google search for common keywords, in part due to my comprehensive research and careful writing process. I enjoy breaking down complex technical concepts for both beginners and advanced learners, and achieve success from being able to empathise what learners might want to know, and how they can learn best, about a new framework, enterprise tool, or platform.

I’m always interested to hear about new projects. To collaborate, get in touch with me at elliotjgunn at or on LinkedIn.


My specialities include: data science, data engineering, machine learning, beginner-intermediate programming concepts, analytics, big data, econometrics, research design, enterprise data tooling, and the modern data infrastructure.

I have a working knowledge of popular data science tools and libraries including: scikit-learn, TensorFlow/Keras, Spark, Dask, Python, SQL, Stata, and end-to-end deployment.

Get in Touch

Please get in touch with me at elliotjgunn at or on LinkedIn if you would like to collaborate.


Here are samples of technical writing work I’ve done (for Medium links, right-click ‘view in Incognito’ to bypass the paywall.)

Enterprise tooling

Here are some examples of recent work I’ve done:


I’ve created a 10-part Python guide which was launched in October 2023 alongside Dagster’s stakeholder education programs, including Dagster University.

Data engineering python guides screenshot

I co-authored “Standardize Pipelines with Domain-Specific Languages” with Tim Castillo.


  • From Prototyping Jupyter to Deploying Data Apps with Dash AG Grid: article and GitHub repository featuring two Dash apps and a Jupyter Notebook

Blog posts


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